Mest Lästa: CORINNES VÄNNER – Giovanna Engelbert

Stilikonen Giovanna Engelbert är förutom aktuell med boken Gio_Graphy en trogen användare av CORINNE Hair Accessories. Vi är nyfikna på resan bakom Giovannas karriär inom mode och så klart vill vi även veta allt om hennes hår- och skönhetsrutiner!

What do you have going on right now? 

I have been working a lot lately with my book Gio_Graphy since the release. It´s been so great to see all the love i received from all the book signings! Right now I´m working on my next exciting project…

Tell us about your career and how you ended up where you are today in fashion?

I started out as a model, but I always knew it wouldn´t be my career for very long. The modeling was however a great way for me to get into the fashion industry, and it enabled me to find out what profession within the industry I wanted to pursue.

Later, when I started working as a fashion stylist I used all the money I had made from my modeling on all the mistakes I made in the beginning of my new career as a stylist.

Which is your most memorable or meaningful work and why? 

It´s so hard to say because every shoot and project has it´s own story. I have many favorite ones for different reasons but Vogue Japan Tokyo shoots and Moscow shoots are very dear to me because of the whole experience and surroundings but also because of how complicated they were to produce.

Another memorable project was working on my Bergdorf Goodman windows last year which felt like a lifetime achievement award for me. Also, the direction of The Queen Of The Night and the Barbie Issue for Italian Vogue of course.

Who has been the most significant and meaningful person for you throughout your career? 

They are many; Charlotte Stockdale, because she was the one who told me I should become a stylist, Anna Dello Russo for giving me the first opportunity at Conde Nast and Franca Sozzani for being my mentor and guidance.

What is it with fashion that speaks to you? What makes it so fulfilling to you?

Fashion is a universal language and a way of expressing yourself. It´s fulfilling to me because it gives me instant gratification since it´s form of visual optimism. The most interesting part of the job is that it is always changing and evolving and never stays the same.

If you didn´t work in fashion, what do you think you would be working with? 

I think I would be doing theater or film, something creative anyways.

You travel a lot, and always mange to look great! How much planning goes into organizing your outfits ahead and how big is your suitcase? 

It is all about being well prepared! I always plan my looks for the location I´m going to and any events i might attend while there. I always travel with many suitcases at a time, let´s just say I´m an overpacker –  I´m a member of overpackers anonymous, I even have a chapter in my book on on the topic with the same name.

For my hair I love products from Kérastase, and my signature hair style is a top knot. I always use the CORINNE Timeless hair pins for my bun.

What is your relationship with beauty like? 

I think that beauty is a fundamental part of a woman´s routine. In my line of work beauty serves as a foundation for the photoshoot, it helps us tell the story of the woman we want to portray. For myself, I keep my beauty routine pretty streamlined with basic hair and make up. Sometimes, for special occasions I like to play with great crazy hair and crazy make up.

For my hair I love products from Kérastase, and my signature hair style is a top knot. I always use the CORINNE Timeless hair pins for my bun. My best quick fix tip for always looking put together is to pull your hair back in a low bun or knot on the top of your head.Skärmavbild-2018-07-05-kl.-15.29.35.png

My daily beauty routine consists of SKII Water, moisturizer and facial wash from La Mer, Touche Éclat, Chanel Black Intense Eye Pencil, Diorshow Iconic Mascara, Anastasia Brow Pencil and Nars Dragon Girl Lip Pencil.

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